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ABDUCTION is a new musical comedy from T.J. Pieffer, Brad Kemp, and Becki Toth. High school student body president Pippa Peterson's social footing crumbles after witnessing the alien abduction of a cow in her tiny town of Pluto, Pennsylvania. An alarming wave of speculative misinformation leads her neighbors to hypothesize the light she saw was everything from the government to the return of Jesus Christ. Pippa must convince everyone of the grave danger they’re truly in, all while coming to terms with her cozy hometown’s many flaws. Will they escape the clutches of the hungry, flesh-eating aliens in time for this year’s Corn Fest? 

Molly Twigg and the company at the University of Pittsburgh
David A Cary, J'Quay Gibbs, Missy Moreno (MTAP, 2021)
Emma Schuzler and the company at the University of Pittsburgh
Molly Twigg and Nandita Mahesh at the University of Pittsburgh
Michael Neary, Carly Strait (Stage 773, 2017)
Missy Moreno and Anthony Marino (MTAP, 2021)
Nandita Mahesh, Cade Teribery, and Molly Twigg at the University of Pittsburgh
Seamus Ricci (MTAP, 2021)
Columbia College Concert, 2018
Missy Moreno, Alex Manalo, Marnie Quick (MTAP, 2021)
Hailey Himmelman (Stage 773, 2017)
2019 New York Musical Theater Festival
Myah Davis, Missy Moreno (MTAP, 2021)
Columbia College Concert, 2018
Emma Sheikh, Sydney Richards (Stage 773, 2017)
MTAP, 2021
MTAP, 2021


ABDUCTION received its first licensed production as part of the University of Pittsburgh's 2023 Main Stage season | Click here for more info


ABDUCTION won second prize in New Musicals Inc. 2022 International Search For New Musicals and received a reading | Click here for more info


ABDUCTION was selected as Musical Theatre Artists of Pittsburgh's 2021 inaugural incubator workshop production |  Click here for more info


ABDUCTION was selected to be featured in the 2019 New York Musical festival as a reading at Playwrights Horizons | Click here for more info

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